Responsibilities and Requirements - Event Staff

| Date: 07/03/2020, 08:06 AM |

Event staff works under the instructions from event manager. Their responsibilities in corporate events and public events are similar, but their key responsibility is for logistic management. Besides the key responsibility, event staff should be ready for many extra needs from participants. So, it requires event staff in event management company is in good physical and in high energy during the period of event.


Some key responsibilities to event staff in an event:

- Prepare work relating to venue

- Unload equipment and set up items

- Check production schedule and quality

- Welcome guests/check-in

- Check equipment and items

- Work as usher to ensure seating arrangement

- Ensure the event hall is clean and tidy


- Ensure the safety standards for event

- Undertake/cooperate security for event

- Arrange F & B for event team

- Provide useful information for guests

- Coordinate, undertake the backstage work

- Pack up equipment and items after the event is completed



Some key requirements to event staff in event company:

- Well organized skills

- High diligent and attention skills

- Good teamwork ability and friendly working manner

- Good writing skill and communication skill


- Ability under stress

- Good ability to multitasks

- Problem and conflict management skills

- Good physical and high energy




Understanding to the important roles of event staff, Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents always focuses on training, instruction to our event staff on skills and abilities needed; assigns right work to right event staff for each specific event. An event cannot be successful without the contribution from multitasking event staff.

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