The Anticipation Skill in Event Management

| Date: 07/03/2020, 08:08 AM |

"Anticipate tomorrow – Deliver today” is the theme for the Management Group Conference held by KPMG Malaysia from 3rd – 4th September 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City. The more think about this theme the more Event Company in Vietnam - YesEvents find that its meaning is related much to the work of event management.



The key skills in event management.


Event companies, especially event managers and event planners, should have and regularly update these key skills: communication skill, planning skill, teamwork skill, leadership skill, time management skill, decision skill, creative skill, risk management skill…These skills need to be adjusted and to be executed due to actual situation and actual event.

However, event management companies usually focus much on the other works, so they miss or not focus on the situation anticipation, not focus on anticipation of issues that maybe happen during the event to prepare proper action plans.


What is the anticipation skill in event management?


If we can anticipate thing it means that we realize in advance that it may happen, and we prepare for it. For example, if we anticipate question, a request, or a need, we do what is necessary or required before the question, request, or need occurs. The anticipation skill is necessary and usually happen in our life, our work as well as in event management service.

As mentioned above, event management company usually focus much on other works such as time, cost, installation, equipment, event script, visual graphic, design, printing…but not concentrate on the other important work – it is the anticipation of things that may be happened and affect the preparation and execution periods of events. This is the risk management skill, anticipation skill for what maybe happened.



To anticipate issues that maybe happened to affect the preparation and execution periods of event management, event managers should need analysis skill, observation skill, evaluation skill; should consider related factors…Then, event managers anticipate what maybe happened. The next is that event management companies need to prepare plans, activities…for each issue – it is called risk management plan.


Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents thinks that it is a part of platforms that reliable event management companies have based on to build their brands. YesEvents always focus on the above factors as well as enhance skills for event manager to ensure the event successfully, and to meet the clients’ expectation.  


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