What are the Criteria for a Successful Event?

| Date: 23/03/2020, 05:33 AM |

Event management work is like to execute a project. A project’s success is usually evaluated with the criteria: time, quality, cost, benefit/service, and safety. Therefore, a project is not recognized as successful one when completion if one or some criteria of above does not meet evaluation index agreed. So, in event management, event company needs evaluation index for the criteria so that we know how much the event is successful.



According to our experiment, for successful eventevent management company should need to note:


  • Time: need to have a schedule plan in detail and proper. Event plannersneed to take a good look at factors before setting up this plan. Some points need to be noted such as scope of work and how difficult they are, working skills and number of workers from suppliers, when items need to be completed, resource of finance and manpower of suppliers and event management company, factors of weather and location…


  • Quality: must have good steps to check quality (and quantity) of all items to ensure that they meet expectation as agreed. The check should be carried out often to adjust errors (if any) in time. Event management company should assign experienced and skillful staff to cooperate closely with suppliers and client for good quality of items as agreed.


  • Cost: two criteria above affect so much to cost. Event service companyusually pay extra costs for manpower, transportation…for faster production and installation for completion in time; pay extra costs for re-produce some (or all) if they do not have a good plan for these two criteria. Also, costs of logistic (transportation, accommodation, F&B…) for event team, partners, suppliers need to be planned in detail.


  • Service: besides the key objectives of impressive points and right messages in event, criteria of service need to be seen as working manner (attitude). Event service companyshould be constructive, cooperative, faithful, supportive…not only for client but also for partners, suppliers. The working manner is for common objective – successful event.


  • Safety: safety must be in the top of mind in event management. Event management companyneeds to anticipate situation, issues that may be happened to affect quality, schedule; especially affect safety to participants. Therefore, event management company should have plans, backup options for situation.

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