#3 What is Creative on site?

| Date: 29/04/2020, 03:09 AM |

In the previous sharing, Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents shared a typical creative case of our colleague on-site event – an operator console. In this sharing, we would like to share another creative idea originated at site. 


In 6-7 years ago, my colleague and I were assigned to provide the event productio service for a wedding reception at Thao Dien. The couple was extremely meticulous about every item arranged for the party with merely 60 guests. We just took in charge of installing in-house sound and light system for the after-party and a simple external sound system for the ceremony and performance of a Vietnamese singer. 



The workload was such not much and difficult for our team; however, due to the preciseness and thoughtfulness, they requested us to start installing system in the morning of the day before wedding. After three times checking signal as well as assembling a band and a singer from the afternoon yesterday to the afternoon of the wedding day, we were ready for the important wedding of our client.


There were about 15 minutes left for the party, the singer suddenly required in-ear monitor even though he was pleased with the sound system and did not ask for anything else during the rehearsals. The stage where the singer performed was on the second floor of the hotel while all the guests took their seats and enjoyed his performance from the lawn. 


In such a short time, we could not prepare the in-ear monitor nor wire the monitor speaker on the second floor. After discussion, we suggested a workaround by giving the singer a walkie-talkie instead of in-ear monitor and we put another one next to the speaker below. Both client and singer agreed with our solution and the performance run smoothly and successfully. This approach might be considered unprofessional for an event company like us, whereas it was quite appropriate in this circumstance. 



Client's requirements will not be satisfied without the creativity of the event staff on-site. In Event Company in Vietnam – YesEvents, we appreciate and consider every origination idea on-spot to promptly respond to last-minute requests during which ensuring both technical and visual aspect for the event. 


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