#2 How is Creative in Event Management?

| Date: 07/05/2020, 01:53 AM |

On-site creativity in event management needs elements such as agility, observation, and comprehension skills, etc. to give ideas, decisions meeting clients requirements or solving problems in a short time. In this sharing, Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents would like to share another case of satisfying client request which was not happened on the event day but during the preparation phase. 


Our client, one of the leading and reputable banks in Vietnam, organizes annual kick-off meetings with different topics every year. However, in 2016, besides the same requirements as the previous meeting, our client requested a new highlight for their new icon in the two-day conference and in the gala dinner. For an event management company, this form of request has always been fulfilled, but how to make it appropriately, creatively, etc. is an extremely time-consuming process of proposing suitable ideas for each type of events. 



As in previous sharing, brainstorming ideas to meet clients’ requirement and win the bid is the work of Account Director / Account Manager, Event Director / Event Manager in the event company; but this time the idea of ​​focusing on the icon for the meeting and the gala dinner came from my colleague with the title of Production Manager. This idea was endorsed and appreciated by our client. 

The idea of ​​our colleague is that client ‘s new icon would surprisingly appear at the center and the edge of the stage, right after the LED light bird dance with the theme "Enduring connection - Strong Focus". When it came to the part of award ceremony, this icon would turn from the back to the front and there was a trophy inside. The hostess then proceeded to take the trophy and give it to the awarder. This icon had to be rotated continuously with trophies for different names of individuals or divisions each time.


Therefore, the rotating icon must be timely and rhythmic with the happenings on stage; and the most important was safety (without a hitch) during the award ceremony. Our colleague suggested that instead of using the motorized control system, he would stay behind and rotate the icon whenever received signal through walkie talkie. This award ceremony had run smoothly and met client requirement along with expectation. All our team and all suppliers were applauded right after the show. 


Clients’ requirements will not be met without the creativity of staff at every position nor at any time to fulfill client’s demand as good as possible based on our ability and together we make a success for our company. Individual ability does not bring success for a team, but the combination of each member ’s competence creates the capacity of the whole team. 



In YesEvents, the reliable event company, we encourage and appreciate individual's ability and the cohesion to become a creative, dynamic, and dedicated team. Event Company in Vietnam – YesEvents locates in Ho Chi Minh City and in Phu Quoc.