Proposed Concepts 2020 for Year-End Party

| Date: 16/10/2020, 02:09 PM |

Event Management Company YesEvents would like to propose 5 concepts for year-end party as below:


  1. Year-end party concept | Pajama

During socialdistancing phase caused by Covid-19, people have to work from home whether they like it or not. Home outfits (pajama) replaces office clothes. From this image, Event Company in Vietnam - YesEvents would like to design a year-end party with pajama theme for you. Being free from tension and anxiety, everyone will have such an enjoyable time together to say goodbye to 2020.


  1. Beach Party concept for year-end party

It is nothing more exciting than going to the beach, swimming, building sandcastle and joining outdoor activities together after social distancing in the whole summer this year. Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents would like to bring your summer back by creating a vibrant, hot summer atmosphere in the year-end party 2020.


  1. Concept Glow Party of Year-End Party

It is hard to resist the captivation of vivid colors and ebullient tune. Neon color was a trend appearing in the 80s and it has been popular up to the present time. Event Service Company in Vietnam - YesEvents always comes up with creative ideas and services suitable to every single selection for year-end party.


  1. Music Fest concept for year-end party

After period of social distancing, most activities draw people’s attention seem to be restrained, music events are also in the list. Acknowledging the situation, Event Service Company YesEvents would like to bring about a fiery year-end party with music festival theme where remixed songs combined with professional sound and lighting system will blow up people’s mind.


  1. Year-end party concept | Travel Party

Just the same reason above, traveling abroad is the most extravagant expectation of all due to the restriction of moving place to place this time.  Understanding the point, Event Company in Vietnam – YesEvents would like to fulfil your wish by escorting you to any countries in the world in the theme-tailored year-end party 2020.



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