Corporate Year End Party 2021 | Theme & Concept

| Date: 02/10/2021, 08:04 AM |

2021 is coming to an end soon, and what a year it is! It’s time to host a Year End Party or gala to appreciate who are still standing, fighting, and winning together with your corporate. So, choosing the right theme for your gala may make or break the success of the event. Pick a theme that will generate buzz among the employees and/or audience engaged to ensure that your guest list is full and that those in attendance have a night to remember.

Event Company in Vietnam - YesEvents kindly share a few of the most imaginative year end party concepts that we collected for your preparations.


  1. Concept for Year End Party - Futuristic Outer Space

To start off, it’s 2020s, people are not only going places, but they are also going spaces (like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic). So, if your corporate has a sky-rocketed performance this year, it’s good to consider Futuristic Outer Space Theme for your year-end party/gala. Also, if it fits to your management’s vision for the company like transformation, automation, digitalization etc., the theme is pretty much well-suited for you.


concept for corporate year end party 2021


  1. Theme for Year End Party - Sci-Fi mythical Egypt

Now, next best thing to Futuristic Outer Space Theme is a Sci-Fi mythical Egypt theme. We’d like to invite you to Egypt but not Egypt that you know. Instead, this is where myth and advanced technology converged. This theme offers both mythical and extravagant aesthetic and beauty of technology.


idea for corporate year end party


  1. Theme for Year End Party - Crazy Rich Asians

So far, Event Company in Vietnam - YesEvents has suggested 2 themes.  Now, if you want a theme build by you and for you, "Crazy Rich Asians” is worth to consider. With this, you can think of anything, any fabulous, most expensive, most crazy ideas; and we are happy to collect and mix it up, in a good way, for your imagination.


concept for year end party


In conclusion, we have covered 3 themes for your YEP/gala that are Futuristic Outer Space Theme, Sci-Fi mythical Egypt, Crazy Rich Asians. It’s important to choose what theme you want but the reasons, meaning, and messages you want to convey to your audience (colleagues) on this journey are equally essential. We can and are happy to help you with both: concept and theme.



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