In Wave 2 of Covide 19, What Should Event Companies Do?

| Date: 11/08/2020, 02:00 PM |

The pandemic strikes like enemies do, resiliently; we must fight it back in the long run. Most, if not all, events are canceled or postponed, event management industry and tourism are both affected badly.


On one hand we must abide with regulations, instructions from authorities, on the other hand we must adapt and set forth strategies to sustain our company during "campaign against the enemy’. An idiom holds true to this moment, "adversity brings wisdom”, especially event industry should be creative and adaptive. Vietnam Event Company - YesEvents would like to share some tips to mitigate impact of this pandemic to event management.

  1. Secure safety for attendees 

During this sensitive time, for necessary events of under 30 pax, the priority is safety for attendees. 

  • Provide system/kit of hygiene, automatic hand-gel dispenser, purifier devices, masks, electronic thermometer etc.
  • Spacious and statutory event area.
  • Prepare staff to guide and make sure attendees follow regulation on safe distance.

Comply with regulations, but do not forget to use tool to enhance brand awareness for your clientele. Each tool is a chance to raise your clientele’s image to attendees, for example: a small screen built-in on automatic hand-gel dispenser to show TVC/ads, purifier device in shape of an arch or a centerpiece for your program etc.


  1. Keep your attendees posted.

The organizer oversees keeping attendees posted (via emails, phones social medias etc.) regarding adjournment or cancellation of events due to information, orders from the government.


  1. Together we win

Nobody registered for this pandemic. This is a mutual loss, and we must get over it, together. Event management companies have to think and set out solutions when this pandemic affects your events. We should be subtle in negotiation to mitigate losses for our valuable clienteles, also to maintain good rapport to our dear suppliers.



  1. Protect and consolidate intrinsic value

Ask your employers to work from home. Encourage them to take e-courses to further enhance their professions and skills. Recalculate your cash flow, cut, and reduce unnecessary costs and marketing to sustain your system in the long run.


  1. Plan, build awareness

Do not whine on it, use it wisely to set forth strategy to come back. Meet with your board to formulate important decision-making in running your business during this hardship, polish and finish your current services etc. Always keep in touch with your clienteles, understand and share with them. Suggest to them suitable and trending event types. Be their companion and counselor, so they will remember your name first after this pandemic.


  1. Switch from "live-event” to "live-stream event”

Due to safety regulations, we are restricted and cannot host live events, so we are going to partly stream that experience to our attendees via livestreaming platforms. To reduce some shortcomings of not being there, experiencing it in real life, event agency needs to come up with solutions to increase engagement for your participants at home, exp: a box of curated swags according to your event concept, sent to your participants’ door, so they can partly experience your event, come up with games to engage your viewers during your livestream.



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