What is Different - Conference and Meeting?

| Date: 17/03/2021, 06:05 AM |

Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents would like to share information and definition collected to understand further meaning of conference, meeting, summit, forum, seminar, workshop, symposium.

It is to help event management companies to consult, propose suitable and enough items for clients as well as to do well-prepared.


How different between conference, meeting, and others?

In this sharing, Event Company in Vietnam - YesEvents shares the basic difference between conference & meeting…so that we know further objectives of each type to do good preparation and get good results as expected.


  1. Conference

Conference is an event usually organized more than one day. Its scale is bigger than seminar and workshop, and its participants are from 100 to thousands. In conference events, attendees discuss formally about a typical topic or a business matter.

Associations and organizations often hold conference events annually. Participants include its members and experts. In conference, there are keynote lectures for all. Besides keynotes, there are many sessions.

Conferences usually are held in hotels or convention centers with large ballroom and breakout rooms (for sessions) as for large attendees. Conference is the event that it should be planned in detail for each activity. Sometimes, there are teambuilding and gala dinner included in conference.


  1. Meeting

It is a planned occasion for a group (small scale) coming together to discuss a matter. Meetings can be called at any time, in any space available and are often informal. Meeting events usually last half day or within a day. 


  1. Summit

Summits are important events for high-ranking experts or leaders from two or more governments.


  1. Congress

It is important events for representatives from countries, big corporations, big groups, or social associations. In congresses, participants discuss ideas, and exchange information.


  1. Forum

It is a type of meeting for participants in which they can talk about problem or a subject especially of public interest.


  1. Seminar

Seminar is educational meeting for a small group of advanced students, focusing on a specific subject. In a seminar event, teachers or experts and students discuss something or to exchange ideas.


  1. Workshop

It is a brief course for a small group emphasizing problem solving. In workshop events, there are about 10 – 20 attendees, but not including experts. There are exercises, practices, on techniques and skills in a particular field.


  1. Symposium

It is a type of formal meeting or conference for experts to discuss on topics that they are interested. In symposium, there are many lectures on one or many topics. The number of attendees is less than conference events but as many as seminar.

Pharmacy companies often hold symposium in conferences to introduce their product to participants.



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