Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs & Event Proposal

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How to apply Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs into Event Proposal


In the event management field, it is often and most of us heard or have to write an event proposal. So, what are the requirements hierarchy for an event proposal? In other words, what elements of your event proposal do clients rate from low to high in general?

Maybe many of us have learned or heard a lot about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. So how to apply Maslow's pyramid to the "hierarchy of needs" in an event proposal? Event Management Company in Vietnam - YesEvents would like to share our experience plus collected information (David Ferguson) about the required steps of the "hierarchy of needs" in an event proposal.


  1. Requirement

This is the lowest step of the hierarchy of needs and the most basic of an event proposal.

At this step, an event proposal must meet all the basic requirements mentioned in the client's brief (RFP) or requested by the client. This basic requirement could be in terms of format, order of sections, budget allocation, or other items.

Event proposal HAS TO meet these basic requirements. Otherwise, you are very likely to be out of running. Clients will review your company as not qualified because it does not meet the most basic requirements in the RFP. Small and easy things that are not met, clients will not believe your company has the ability to handle good event for them. This is the first test that you must pass.



  1. Message

This is one of the most important elements in the proposal for event. At this level, you need to show that you understand the needs, wants, and concerns of your clients. If you do not grasp and understand these things well, many other problems will arise.

It is necessary to demonstrate that your company is the best choice to handle this event by addressing the needs, wants, and concerns of your clients, and explaining the solutions you will perform. In addition to the good theme and ideas, another purpose is to build trust and inspire clients – case studies, recent events handled, and relevant testimonials also play an important part in this step.

It should use words that are client-focused or oriented – that is, words from the client's perspective. Say what the clients want to know, NOT what you want to say. Also, if your sentences begin with "We/I” or includes the word "our/my” or the name of your event company, replace it with the client-oriented words – such as "you” or "yours”, the name of the client’s company.

A few small changes can make a big difference in an event proposal. Therefore, when writing a proposal, consider the way the message and language are conveyed, and be careful with the use of words.


  1. Images

The middle part of the pyramid is the images and clips illustrated in the event proposal.

In most proposals, event companies use images, clips, and graphics to illustrate, explain, and prove their ideas. This will make it easy for clients to understand, grasp, and remember. A suitable picture, clip is worth more than a thousand words. If you rarely use images or clips to illustrate, you should start using as many as possible. 

As mentioned above, the purpose is to create trust and inspiration for clients. The use of images, clips, graphics will help draw a clearer picture that you are trying to convey, explain, and prove to your clients.


  1. Design

In this part, clients look very carefully because the design images (2D and 3D, including design descriptions via video clips) will help your theme, message and ideas be more specific and clearer.

Great design won't make up for a poor or inappropriate theme and message, and vice versa. Therefore, event companies must have enough of these components to have a good event proposal. If the basic requirements in the RFP have been met, appropriate themes and messages are proposed, and good illustrations and clips are included; then the designs will enhance your event proposal and event company’s brand.

This can make a huge difference to clients as they value your professionalism, enthusiasm, and level of event service.


  1. Innovation on presentation

The chance of winning the bid will be higher if we make an impression, create WOW for clients the first time they see our event proposal.

Clients will appreciate your proposal through a creative presentation - a way they may not have seen before. This shows creativity, innovation, and makes your event proposal stand out from the competitors in the event service industry.

This way is not difficult if you think hard for a bit – think of a way to present it that is different from the way others usually do. There are many creative ways to present. Here are a few ways that might apply:

    • Summarize the event proposal in a clip format about 30-60 seconds
    • In addition to 2D and 3D designs, render 3D designs and perspectives using a clip format – kind of virtual reality

           Innovation is the key to the difference!


So, Event Company in Vietnam - YesEvents has shared the elements from low to high in the event proposal through the application of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Here's what you need to do (among many other factors) to have a great event proposal and get a foothold in the event management service.

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